Bride and groom looking at each other with emotion and tears, in a woodland wedding setting. Three young adults stand watching them with smiles.

Nikki & Mike’s emotional woodland wedding

I am a massive fan of the forest, so Nikki and Mike’s woodland wedding was always going to be something special for me. I love the way the light filters through the leaves, and the whole feel of being in the middle of the trees. A woodland wedding has the most wonderful feel to it.

Even when it’s pouring with rain! Which it was for us on this particular wedding day. But it didn’t matter at all! The woodland location just created the most incredible backdrop, with the raindrops dripping all around us, and nothing but the sound of the leaves and birds. We had a slightly chaotic start, with everyone running late, the guests struggling to find us in the woods, and some key code confusion stopping us getting into the hut. But none of that mattered at all!

Nikki and Mike’s woodland wedding was particularly wonderful for all sorts of reasons. Their celebrant and friend Rachel (Heart-Centred Celebrations) created such a special and personal ceremony for them, with beautiful readings from both the kids and some really special words about Nikki & Mike’s relationship. But the most unforgettable moment was just after the ceremony, where Mike surprised Nikki with a flashmob singing their song. I can’t describe how incredible this was.

Nikki was delighted by the song anyway, but thought she was hearing the original recorded version. Then she realised that there were live singers walking towards her through the woods, and it was just the most emotional moment. The combination of Nikki’s tears, Mike’s face looking at her, the kids all watching them, and the sound of the singers in the forest – well, I don’t need to try and describe it. Have a look at the photos.

It was such a special ceremony to photograph, and I absolutely loved the woodland wedding setting in The Glade, Dartington. I can’t wait to photograph more woodland weddings here in the future – it’s a fantastic spot! Congratulations to lovely Nikki & Mike, who were an absolute joy to work with.

Bride and groom in a woodland wedding setting

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