A bride and groom peeking out from a yurt with rain hammering down all around them on a really wet and rainy wedding day at River Cottage

Marie & Clive’s small family wedding at River Cottage

I have photographed a whole series of small family weddings recently, and they have all been so wonderful! Marie and Clive’s celebrations at River Cottage included. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding, with just two of their siblings and families, and Marie’s parents. Clive’s other brother and family joined via iPad from the other side of the world, and watched the ceremony with champagne in hand. Marie, Clive and all their family were just utterly lovely, and it was such a huge pleasure to share their wedding celebrations.

It was the loveliest family wedding, and I had the funniest day photographing it all. Mainly because of the children, who were all just hilarious. But also, because of the rain. And the combination of the children and the rain. Despite the beautiful sunshine in the photo above, and at the very end of the day, we had more rain than I could have ever imagined possible in one day. Even my relentless optimism was fading by the time the fourth or fifth torrential shower hit us..! But it created some really wonderful moments, with the children under the enormous umbrellas, and the raindrops splattering off the yurt.

Best of all, we finally did get the sunshine, even if it was for just the briefest moment. The showers were whizzing through so quickly that it kept disappearing again, so we had to move fast to grab any photos at all. I was laughing at the shot of Marie and Clive running up the hill to catch the sunset, but we thought it was about to slip behind the clouds again and all panicked! As it happened, we were gifted with the most beautiful tiny gap in the sky, just for the final moments of the sunset, which was so special. Just the perfect end to their lovely family wedding day.

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