A family photography session in the forest in Somerset with parents having fun with two young daughters and the sun shining through the trees
Two young girls laughing while their parents throw them up into the air for a family photo at the beach

Family photography


I’ve been photographing families for well over a decade. This portfolio is a selection of some of my favourite images. Definitely not all of them, there are thousands that I absolutely love. But I hope that this gives you a good idea of my style of work and the sort of family photography you can expect from me.

The magic is happening right now. Your family is never going to be at this stage again. Let’s capture those precious memories.

Devon photographer Helen Lisk in an orange cardigan, sitting on a step and laughing



Let’s capture your family magic.

Don’t keep putting it off – let’s create some images that capture your family magic right now. Real life: the emotions, the laughter, the fun and the love. Your family isn’t ever going to be this age again. I’d love to photograph you all and create some precious family photographs.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


I love connecting on the socials. You can follow my current work and see what is happening behind the scenes.