Relaxed and natural photographs of your new baby in your own home.


Tiny fingers curled around yours, sleepy snuggles and fluffy skin. The magic that is taking place in your lives. Images that capture all the feelings of this incredibly special time.





Newborn photography sessions

I offer relaxed baby and newborn photography sessions in Devon and around the South West. I’m also happy to travel further around the UK. I come to you at home and keep things simple and straightforward.

Mother, father and newborn baby, standing in front of a window during a Devon newborn photography session

Newborn photography sessions always take place in your own home. I work around you and your baby, letting your baby’s needs lead the session. I want to create a set of images that really captures the feel of those days with a tiny new human. There is nothing quite like them, and they pass in such a blur. These photographs will be so precious.

Devon newborn photography session with a mother cuddling a baby at home
A child's hand pointing at a baby's toes during a newborn photography session

If you would like to capture your baby as a proper newborn, I recommend having the session in the first two weeks after birth. This is when your baby is still really tiny, sleepy and curled up. Those fingers and toes will never be quite this small again, and it’s just such a special time in your lives. I’ll chat everything through with you before your baby arrives, so you’ll be ready and know what to expect.

A mother cuddling a newborn baby
A mother kissing a newborn baby in a patch of light by a large window.
A newborn baby sleeping on a rug

It’s also a really lovely option to have a photography session when your baby is a little older. If you would rather do this, I’d recommend from a couple of months onwards. Your baby will be starting to smile, and be more responsive and alert. From then on, any age is a good age – from my experience it just keeps on getting better. Rolling over, sitting up, baby giggles, crawling, toddling around. It’s all absolutely gorgeous and you really can’t go wrong! We can have a chat about what would work best for you.

Baby photography session with the baby lying on a bed and looking at the camera
A mother and baby smiling at each other on a bed
Devon baby photography session: parents with a young baby sitting on a bed and smiling together.

Older siblings (and family pets) are all very welcome. Those early connections between siblings is a wonderful thing to see, and really lovely to capture. It’s really important to me to create a set of photographs that includes all of your family. You are all part of this exciting adventure, and looking back at images of your whole family will be so special for you.

A newborn baby with her older brother during a baby photography session
Two sisters with their arms around a newborn baby during a family photography session in Devon
A father with newborn baby and a king charles spaniel sitting on the bed, at a newborn photography session
A young child holding a newborn baby's hand, siblings at a photography session

How much does a photography session cost?

The baby or newborn photography session costs £150, which includes a print of your favourite image. Digital files are not included in this fee, but can be purchased if you would like to, after the session. You’ll have a beautiful online gallery to browse through in your own time, and you can select your images from here to buy as prints and/or digital files. All the pricing for this is available in my online brochure.

How do we book?

If you’d like to go ahead and organise your newborn photography in Devon, or wherever you are, what next? Complete my contact form and this will take you through to my full brochure and booking details. You can also send an email to, or call me on 01392 927646. I can’t wait to hear from you!







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