A family photography session on the beach in Cornwall, with parents and young boy laughing in the sea
A couple cuddling with teenage daughter and a spaniel puppy, with the sun setting on woodland behind them


Authentic images that capture all the joy of your family

A family lifestyle photography session is about creating some really natural photographs, of you together with the people that you love.

Your own family magic is happening right now, right in front of your eyes. The laughs, the wonder, the cuddles, the love; it’s right there, and it’s utterly wonderful. 

Sessions are comfortable and relaxed. When everyone is having fun, genuine laughs and lovely moments follow naturally. And that leads to beautiful photographs. 

I will create images that really capture the feelings. All the love, all the magic of your incredible family.

A young girl jumping in the sea with red hair and curls flying around her head
A mother smiling with a young child in her arms on the beach at sunset during a family photography session
A young boy squatting down on a pebbled beach, studying something in his hands
A father holding his newborn baby in arms. They are looking directly at each other.


“wonderful images that truly capture the essence of our family – we will treasure them forever!”

Two parents walking across grass with two young children in their arms during a family photography session in Exeter, Devon


“We finally had a chance to sit down last night and properly look through the photos and I just wanted to say how totally thrilled we are with them! There are so many gorgeous ones that it’s been hard to choose our favourites.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you from start to finish and you have created some wonderful images that truly capture the essence of our family – we will treasure them forever!

We will certainly be in touch again when the kids are a bit bigger to do another shoot. Thanks so much again!”

A relaxed group photo of two parents with their four children, sitting on a rock by the sea in Devon


“Ok so I have a bone to pick with you Helen. I am in a cafe, meant to be focusing hard on my work to catch up after holiday, and I am utterly distracted by looking at your AMAZING photos on repeat with tears rolling down my cheeks in public.

They are fabulous. Thank you SO MUCH. I only wish I had a job in which I gave people half as much joy as you have given me today.”




A young boy cuddling his mother and kissing her cheek, sitting on a beach in Devon with the sun setting behind them



So you know exactly what to expect

Firstly, I want to know all about your family: what you like to do together, what your children are like, and what’s important to you about the photography. Then we can work out what would suit you best for your photography session. I’ve got lots of ideas for locations around the South West if you aren’t sure.

Before the session, we’ll always have a proper chat, usually via video call so that I can say hello face to face. We can talk about what to expect during the shoot, plan the details, and I can answer any questions you have. I will give you some information to help you get ready for the shoot, so you’ll know exactly what to expect beforehand.

I always want you to feel really comfortable with me ahead of your session, and to have all your questions answered. That way, when we meet in person, it will already feel relaxed.



Relaxed and fun

I’ll give you all the guidance you need, so that you can relax and have fun with your family. I want you to look at the photos and remember this really lovely time that you all shared together. We might take a walk through the forest, or head onto the beach for a play, or explore up on the Devon moors. Or perhaps I’ll just come and join you all at home and capture things there. The session usually takes around an hour, depending on how it all goes and how your children are getting on. I’ll keep things as flexible as you need.

During this time, I’ll create a mixture of images of your family. Some very natural photos of you all together, and some relaxed group shots. You can let me know any photos that are particularly important to you, so that I can try and include these.

It will honestly be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Definitely not as daunting as most people expect!

Parents with four young children all laughing together with the children standing on a gate for a relaxed family group photograph
A mother with her young son squatting down amongst bluebells in the woodland during a family photography session



Making the most of your images

After the session, I’ll send you your private online gallery of images. You can take your time looking through these at home, and choose your favourites. You can also share the gallery with other family and friends if you would like to.

Your session includes a fine art print, and you can choose more from the online gallery if you would like to. There are lots of options, from framed prints and albums to digital files or loose prints. I can guide you through the process and help you to make the most of your images in a way that suits you. For some people this is a beautiful fine art album, or some selected images for their walls. Other people want a number of digital files to create their own prints. Let’s chat about what would work for you and I can help you to create some timeless family artwork.

As life carries on racing past, these photographs will just get more precious.


My family photography is very relaxed and natural, with nothing too posed or awkward! It is what is often described as ‘lifestyle family photography’. I’ll help you plan an activity or outing, and create a scenario where you are all enjoying your time together. I want your family to be relaxed and happy while I’m creating your images, for you all to have a fun experience as well as end up with some beautiful images. 

I completely understand that it is awkward to suddenly be in front of the camera. This is why I always take the time to chat to everyone first, and get to know you a little. Then I’ll give you all as much gentle guidance as you need, so that you can relax and be yourselves. The result will be a really gorgeous selection of images of your family that capture you all together in a very natural, genuine way. 

It is entirely up to you, although I will usually chat with you and work out what would be best for your family. It depends on what your family is like and what you enjoy doing, and what you would like the photographs to look like. I can come to your own home, or we can head out somewhere that you enjoy spending time, or I can suggest options. Or a mixture of the above!

I’ve got a couple of blog posts that you might find helpful when thinking about where to have your session: 

Where to have your family photography in Devon: some location ideas

The best Devon beaches for family photography

I’ll get in touch with you a few days before your session to finalise details. This is also a good time to check the forecast. If the weather is looking miserable then I’m always happy to rearrange the session. The weather can make a huge difference to the photographs, so I’d usually recommend waiting for a better day. Or you are very welcome to go ahead with wellies and raincoats if you are feeling brave! 

It’s no problem at all to reschedule the session if any of you are unwell.  

Sessions usually take around 60-90 minutes, although I always suggest you allow 2 hours just so that we don’t feel rushed. I’m happy to be flexible and work around your family, so we can stop for snacks and breaks, etc.  

I’ll always try and include some relaxed group photos of you all together, but I do this is a very informal way. I don’t want fixed smiles and awkward poses – I’d much rather a comfortable, relaxed group with proper laughs.

If you are having an extended family session, then I always aim to get group photos of any smaller family units and sibling groups, as well as some big shots of you all together. 

If you would like to, then yes please! Family pets are always really wonderful to include in your session, and I’m a big dog fan. Have a look at this wonderful family photography session with all three of their dogs included!.

An individual family session is £150, or £195 for an extended family (more than 6 people). This includes a print of your favourite image, but not the digital images.

Digital files and further prints are available to purchase afterwards, through a password protected online gallery. You can view all the pricing for this in my online brochure.

I’ll edit your gallery of images ready for you to view within 2 weeks of the session. You can then view this private online gallery from the comfort of your home, and select which images you would like to buy as digital files and/or prints.

Some families choose an album, or an album collection (with prints and digital images also included). Other people select a large print for the wall, or a set of smaller images. Often families choose to buy all the digital image files so that they can print these themselves. There is no minimum order and I’m always happy to chat through options if you would like help getting the most from your images. 

Amazing! Get in touch and let me know what you are planning. My contact form takes you straight through to my full online brochure with all the details, or you can email if you prefer. Then we can chat through options. I can’t wait to hear from you!

“I’ve just had a quick skim through the photos – all I can say is wow! It all looks so beautiful!

Thank you again for your amazing work!!”

Devon photographer Helen Lisk in an orange cardigan, sitting on a step and laughing



If you like what you see here then I would absolutely love to talk about options for your photography!

Fill out a few details on my contact form and it will take you directly to my full online brochure for wedding or family photography. Or just give me a call if you prefer to chat.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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