Family photography at home, a father and children playing in a bedroom

Family photography at home

Having your family photography session at your own home is one of the best decisions ever. Most importantly, you get images of your family in familiar spaces, doing the things that you all normally do. All those every day moments that you usually hardly notice. The little cuddles on the sofa, the tickles in the playroom, bouncing around the garden with each other. These times in our lives are so fleeting. The images of my own family that are most precious to me, are the ones that evoke those everyday times at home. So make the most of this and photograph it all while it is still taking place.

There are other benefits to family photography at home. Your children will be at their most comfortable in their own surroundings. You have everything you need within arms reach – no need to pack up an enormous bag ready for the photography session outing! Plus it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing on the day. If we can use your garden as well then this is always a bonus, but the main focus will be the indoor spaces. There is something particularly wonderful about photographing children in their own bedrooms, and I’m always drawn to this. Surrounded by their toys of choice, their bookshelves and favourite objects. It creates a sense of self that you would never quite see in the same way elsewhere.

Then you have wonderful window light. If you have windows, then you have amazing light that has all sorts of potential for lovely family photographs. It really doesn’t matter what your home looks like inside, so please don’t worry about this. I will find the best light and use it to create some beautiful images of you all.

Have a look at this photography session with the lovely Cope family at their house in Devon. Are these are the sort of images that you would like, of your own family? Relaxed and natural, being yourselves, in your own home.

Family photography at home, mother and son playing on a sofa
Family photography at home, three siblings on a sofa together
Family photography at home, a young girl looking out of her bedroom window
Family photography at home, a family portrait on a sofa
Photograph of a mother and three children on a sofa at home
Family photography at home, a baby sitting on a sofa
Family photography at home, children playing on a trampoline
Family photography at home, a baby in her mother's arms
A young girl reading books in her bedroom
A young girl smiling in her bedroom
Family photography at home, a father and son playing in a bedroom
A mother cuddling a baby at home
Family photography at home, three children on a sofa together
Family photography at home, all sitting on the sofa cuddling together

More information about booking a family session at home

You can read more about booking a family photography session here. I can carry out family photography at home or out and about on location. It just depends what suits your family best, and what sort of images you would like. Let’s have a chat about what would work best for you!

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