Daisy & Sally’s Cornish farm wedding: feasting, wellies and a bucket load of emotion

Here is a bit of a visual and emotional treat.  Daisy and Sally’s wedding was last October and it truly was one of my favourite days ever.  Not only was the styling and attention to detail absolutely beautiful, and the Cornish farm / converted barn setting just perfect, but the amount of emotion flowing through the day was extraordinary.  Just going back through the photographs to prepare this blog post, I found myself welling up again at several of the images and it really took me back to the feelings of the day.  The pride, the joy, the pure happiness on people’s faces – it was just incredible to photograph and be a part of, and I will remember it forever.

Some of these images have already been featured on Rock My Wedding, and you can read more about the planning and preparation from Daisy and Sally’s point of view there.  

Arriving at the farm in the morning was wonderful.  The whole wedding was such an enormous combined effort from Daisy and Sally’s family and friends, and it was lovely to see everyone still bustling around getting things ready.  Fliss the Best Woman was in the kitchen up to her elbows in rice salad, the girls’ brothers were setting up the homemade Punch & Judy photo booth, and Sally’s Dad was putting the final touches to his (quite unique!) pissoir for the gents.  Meanwhile one of the farm cats was strolling around, coolly ignoring everything that was going on.  When I stepped inside the barn to have a peep at the reception set up, I nearly fell over with joy.  Just the most beautifully creative decoration, with scaffolding tables in long rows, beautiful wildflower arrangements everywhere, fabulous enamel plates and the ampersand motif running through everything, right through to the enormous ‘L’ampersand’ illuminated version on the wall.  I loved the big picture gallery of photos of Daisy and Sally – there was something really special about seeing their relationship over the years, with everyone gathered there on the day to celebrate their love and the official joining together of their lives.  To see everyone gather in the yurt for their humanist ceremony (taken by Sally’s sister Rosie), celebrating afterwards with bear hugs, tears of joys and a huge feast of local food, right through to the incredible giant bonfire later in the evening – it was all just extraordinary.

So, enough waffle.  I can try and explain how amazing it all was, but the pictures will do that so much better than my words.  Here is their beautiful day:


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Lovely suppliers involved in this wedding:
Sally’s jacket by Yvonne Boex
Cake by Jo Lang, Falmouth
Yurt from Hooe’s Yurts
Chairs and benches from Virginia’s Vintage Hire, Somerset
Cups and saucers from Vintage By You, Redruth
Amazing ‘L’ampersand’ light by Jonathan Bigwood (Daisy’s dad)
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