Bride and groom beneath apple blossom

Thank you 2013, you have been extraordinary

2013 has been an utterly amazing year. I have spent some time this week just looking back through the different weddings, family photographs, engagement sessions and other shoots that I have carried out in the past twelve months, and I am left feeling more than a little humbled by all of it.  

I still find it an incredible thing, that people invite me into their lives, and hand me the responsibility of capturing these most special of times for them – moments that will never ever happen again, that could so easily pass by unnoticed. I get butterflies in my tummy when I know that I’m pressing the shutter on these fleeting moments- the look on a father’s face as he watches his daughter prepare for her wedding ceremony, a new mother gazing with raw love at her newborn baby, the moment when a groom first sees his bride and tears of emotion well up in his eyes. To be given the opportunity to not only capture these interactions, but to create the most beautiful of images from them, that is what makes my tummy somersault and my heart sing. 

I cannot even begin to summarise this year, or to start mentioning the countless different and wonderful moments I have witnessed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has asked me to photograph their weddings, celebrate their love, capture their babies, their family – thank you for making this one of the most amazing years ever. Here are some, just some, of my favourite images.


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I hope that you have all had as lovely a year as I have – I’m so excited about 2014, it’s looking incredibly exciting already!  In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year everyone 🙂

Love Helen xxx

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