Newborn photography at home: the Northam family


I loved this moment above with Lisa, Nick and their newborn boy, Elliott. I asked them to sit together and pause for a moment, just to think about the fact that they had just created this beautiful baby. In all the madness of the first few days of a new baby, it is amazing to just spend some time contemplating it all as well, and incredibly special for me to be able to capture that with my camera. I photographed Lisa and Nick’s gorgeous wedding day back in 2012, so they feel very much like old friends now. Since then, their lovely Old English Bulldog Alice has joined the family (I did promise you more dogs and babies!). And now, another wonderful new addition. Elliott was just five days old when I photographed their new family together, so it was an incredible privilege for me to spend some of that special time at home with them. Here are a few images from their session:

New parents sitting on the stairs with their baby
Newborn baby lying on a bed
Newborn baby's shoes
Parents holding a tiny baby between them
A baby sleeping on a sheepskin rug
A newborn baby's feet
An Old English Bulldog family pet
New parents cuddling their baby
New mother cuddling her baby
Family pet cat
Mother with baby
Father with baby
Baby sleeping in babygro
New parents cuddling their baby at home
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