two sisters in white dresses paddling on a Devon beach together during a family photography session

Such a wonderful year of family photography: thank you 2023!

This has been the most wonderful year of family photography and I’m really excited to share some images with you. I’ve always loved keeping family photography alongside my wedding photography over the past decade. I’m now only taking on a very small number of weddings each year, so that I can really develop the family side of my business. Keeping wedding numbers low in 2023 meant that I was available for so many more wonderful family photo sessions. 

Most of my family photography has been carried out in and around Devon. But there are also sessions in Cornwall and Somerset, and at beautiful Studland Bay in Dorset. I’ve been to so many really beautiful locations, and have thoroughly enjoyed spending a big chunk of my time on all the beaches in the South West! One of the things that I enjoy most about my photography, is all the different families that I get to meet. It has been such a pleasure catching up with previous clients, and meeting lots of new ones too. Many people got in touch when they were on holiday in the South West, and this is always such a wonderful time to photograph families together. 

I’ve also had a handful of gorgeous newborn babies in Devon. It’s such a privilege to photograph these unique early days. It’s just such a delight to capture those newborn details – the wrinkles of skin, the fluffy shoulders, the tiny fingers. This year, I have photographed some of my past newborn babies as older children. It’s just a joy to photograph families as they grow across the years. 

So here is a selection of my favourite family photographs from across this past year. Thank you to all the incredible families who invited me to create images with you. It has been such an honour to document your time, and a joy to share time together. I can’t wait for another wonderful year of family photography in 2024! 

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