Family photography: best of 2022

All the laughter, all the warmth and cuddles, all the love! This year of family photography has been an absolute whirlwind of joy, and the hugest pleasure to share. I’m such a huge believer in creating family photographs, as I know how ridiculously quickly these days pass. It’s just so important to grab the moment and freeze your beautiful family in time. Believe me, you will blink and it will all just be a memory! My children are all pretty much adults now. A moment ago, I was lifting them up in the air and kissing their toddler curls; feeling their little hands on my skin. Now they are taller and much more grown up than me. Still lovely, just in a very different way! And those childhood images are more precious than I ever realised at the time.

Anyway, back to 2022. I have LOVED photographing so many families this year! It has been a really wonderful mixture of smaller individual families and extended family get togethers; photographing people in their homes and out on location; at the beach, in the forest, on the river, at the park! It’s such a delight to photograph so much love. To create images that show you how much your children love you. Images with all of you in together. Photographs that your children will look back on and see the happiness you all shared together.

Huge thanks to all the wonderful families who invited me to photograph them this year. I’ve loved hanging out with you all so much. And if you are thinking about family photography in 2023 then I’d love to hear from you!

A father and daughter sitting in a small boat together in the sunshine, smiling at each other and touching noses
A mother and father with three young children, swinging them in the air on a beach, with blue skies above reflected in wet sand
A mother and daughter cuddling and laughing together with the sun setting over the sea behind them
A family walking through lush green undergrowth, with the sun shining through trees above them
A young girl with ginger curls and a pink dress, jumping through waves in the sea
A family lifting crabs out of the River Dart together at Stoke Gifford in Devon
Close up photo of a baby girl in a pink dress with focus on her eyelashes
A mother and father holding their baby boy, all cuddling together and looking at the camera
A family cuddling together with lots of cloudy blue sky above them
Mother and baby cuddling together on the beach
A family laughing together on a sofa
Family photograph of two parents with a young boy laughing in their arms with forest behind

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