Best wedding photography: a round up of my 2016

I’ve had to be incredibly patient with this post, so I am utterly delighted to be finally writing it. I wanted to have it on the blog in the New Year, but I’ve been patiently hanging on for the new website to be ready, so that I could start with something really big. 

So, at last, here we are. 2016 was an absolute cracker. Seriously – one of The Best! I had *such* a great year and photographed so many really incredible people. I am putting all my family and portrait photography into another blog post, so this one here is all about weddings. And what truly incredible weddings they were. One thing in particular really struck me this year. Although all the weddings I photographed were hugely varied, from garden marquees to sailing clubs, to stately homes and converted forts, farmhouses, and disused Italian churches – all of them had one very obvious thing in common – the focus for all these weddings was that they were about the people that shared them. Couples coming together with the most important people in their lives, to celebrate their wedding day in whatever way completely suited them, surrounded by the people (and/or dogs!) that really mattered to them. And that has all been such a huge privilege to photograph. A really humbling experience, to be given the responsibility of capturing all this, of telling the story of each day in the images that I create.

And so, here it is – my selected images from 2016. This has been a mammoth job to get ready. Apart from anything else, my first set of favourite images came to nearly 500, and that was with me being really picky to start with. So it has been a ridiculously difficult process of whittling them down, and then down again, to this final set. So many of my favourite images from the year have not quite made it to the final blog post. The set that remains is a real mixture of photographs – all images that resonated with me for different reasons, and made me feel something really strongly when I looked through them. Maybe it was just a lovely moment caught on camera, perhaps it was some utterly beautiful light that made the image so special, or maybe it was an image that really captured the feel of something about the day. For whatever reason, the following images are some that I feel really sum up this past year for me, and I hope that you enjoy looking through them as much as I have done.
A huge, huge, HUGE thank you to all the wonderful couples who asked me to photograph their day for them in 2016. I genuinely can’t put into words how special it has been, and how much I have enjoyed getting to know you all and photographing your wonderful celebrations. At this point I could continue, get properly emotional and start gushing in an embarrassing way… Or alternatively just stop writing. So I am going with the sensible option – I hope that you enjoy the photographs… I can’t wait to do this all over again with whatever 2017 brings!
Wedding guests chatting
Flower girl waving during wedding ceremony
Wedding guests laughing during speeches
Bride and groom walking near an old Italian castle
Bride and groom kissing during wedding meal
Chicken walking past a ceremony set up
Group of women laughing together
A woman doing her make up
Bride to be at the hair dressers
A bride walking down the stairs
A black cat watching wedding guests arrive
Wedding guests laughing at some short shorts
Children scrabbling over a piñata
Boy throwing bean bag at coconut shy
Groom and wedding guests laughing
Bride and sister at River Cottage
Bride and groom and their dogs on Dartmoor
Bride and groom sitting on a jetty
Bride and groom with a rainbow
A bride in front of a green door
Best man making wedding speech
Bride kissing her father
Buttercups in the evening sunlight
A bride having a piggy back ride
Wedding guests on the lawn at Polhawn Fort
Bride and groom with a sunset
Children throwing confetti in the air
Tipis with a red sunset above
Bride and groom's first dance

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