Natural family photos: exploring the woodland

Emily booked me to photograph some natural family photos for them. She said that above everything else, she wanted to capture their family as it actually is – “a memory of how we are today: happy, grumpy, sad, excited, loving”.  The session was all about letting their family spend time together naturally, and me photographing all of that for them.

So this is exactly what we did! Stomping through the forest, searching for the Gruffalo and firing imaginary arrows through the trees… There were lots of smiles, a few tears and a little grumpiness, an injured hand and a get-better kiss from Mummy. Plus some tired, cold shivers, a nice warm hot chocolate and lots and lots of laughter and cuddles!

These natural family photos together create a really wonderful portrait of their family. I loved the opportunity to capture it for them.  Special memories of these precious times, before little legs grow taller, tears no longer need wiping away and hand holding is stoutly refused!!  Here are a few images from their session…

Natural family photos of a family walking in the forest together
Relaxed family photos of two children exploring the trees and laughing
A natural family photo of two parents with children cuddling together in the forest
Natural family photos of a father and daughter laughing together in a forest
A family photo in the wood together
Natural family photos of children in the woods in Devon
Young boy crying with father
A mother cuddling her young son
Natural family photos of a sister and brother walking hand in hand along a forest path

Sister and brother cuddling
Natural family photo of a sister and brother in the forest
Sulking toddler with cuddly toy
Family photos in the forest
Family cuddles in the forest
Natural family photo of a family walking through tall trees together holding hands
A little girl playing with fallen sticks
A mother kissing her daughter's hands better
Family having fun together
A small boy sitting on a bench, shivering
Dad pouring hot chocolate for his son
Girl drinking hot chocolate
Natural family photo of a young girl in a bobble hat next to a tree
Photo of a young boy in a bobble hat
Family photo in the forest
Natural family photos of a family walking together

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If this is the sort of thing that you would love for your own family photography, you can read more here. I’d love to chat to you about booking in a shoot, so do get in touch!

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