A family sit on a blue sofa together, relaxed and laughing

Relaxed family photos: the Cope family at home

I photographed Laura and Alan’s wedding a couple of years ago, so it was a huge pleasure to visit them for some relaxed family photos at home. Especially with their gorgeous new addition to the family!

With babies, it is always better to have at least part of the shoot at home. Otherwise, they tend to be bundled up in pushchairs or slings, and it’s difficult to photograph them properly. So it worked really well to visit the Cope family for a really relaxed and enjoyable shoot in their own home.

It was wonderful to just hang out with them for a little while, and photograph all the family in their own surroundings. My family photography sessions are always very relaxed anyway, but when you are in your own home, it adds another level to this. You don’t need to pack up lots of stuff and go out – everything you need is right there. Children are always so much more relaxed in their own home as well. I always think that these photographs will mean so much more, just for having been taken in the place that will hold so many other memories over the years. A set of relaxed family photos that really captures things as you recognise them. Images that look like your family, doing what you all normally do, in the most special place of all.

A small baby boy on a blue sofa with coloured buttons
Relaxed family photos of a young girl laughing in her father's arms
Relaxed family photo of a baby smiling at his mother
A young girl laughing
A young girl and her baby brother relaxing on a blue sofa together
Relaxed family photos of a mum cuddling with a small baby
A mother breastfeeding a young baby and holding their hand in hers
Relaxed family photos of a baby smiling at his father
Relaxed family photos at home of a small baby on a stylish blue sofa
Relaxed family photos of a family group laughing on a sofa together
A mother cuddling her sleeping baby
A mother cuddling her sleeping young baby
Mother and father with young baby in arms
A father building bricks with a young daughter
Relaxed family photo of a mother and daughter laughing together
Two photos of a young girl laughing and cuddling with her mum
Young girl cuddling with her mum reading her a story
Young girl resting her head on her mother's lap

Your own relaxed family photos

I’d love to chat to you about options for your own family photography. Please do have a browse through the blog posts below, and get in touch to find out more.

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