Best of Family Photography 2014

As the end of 2014 approaches, one of my very favourite jobs is looking back through the whole year to put together a compilation of favourite images.  Rather than mixing all my work together, I thought I’d give family photography its own blog post, so this is what I’m sharing here today.  From week old newborn babies photographed at home, to family beach days, wet and windy Devon farms and glorious autumn woodlands, this is a glimpse at what I’ve been up to with the families that I’ve photographed this year.

I am delighted that so many people have asked me to spend time with their families and create images for them – it has been a huge pleasure to be invited into so many wonderful lives with my camera.  It has been amazing to visit couples whose weddings I have photographed, and see them growing into families; to visit babies that I first photographed as newborns, now as older children, some with new younger siblings.  I have loved getting to know new families, spending time together and getting a sense of who they are and what they enjoy doing together.  I have loved splashing through waves and puddles, exploring forests, climbing rocks, building sandcastles, chasing fish, dancing, singing, pulling faces and laughing a lot!  And I have loved being able to give these experiences back to those families, through the images created – a beautiful record of each wonderful family, captured at this particular point in their lives. I couldn’t include everything, but here are some of my favourite family moments, portraits and general silliness from this past year:

Family photo session on the beach in Dorset
Mothers holding their children
Dad with his daughter laughing
Two sisters splashing in the sea
Young girl playing in the forest
Black & white portraits of two sisters
A young brother and sister skipping in the forest
Newborn baby yawning and a father with a newborn
A baby's hand on its mother's chest
Grandparents cuddling on the beach
Grandmother and mother cuddling daughter

A family exploring a farm
A family walking together in the woods
Black & white portrait of a little boy in a bobble hat
Family photography on the beach in Devon
Sisters playing in the sea together
A family portrait in a barn
Extended family photography session at the beach
Newborn baby sleeping on a cushion
Boy looking out of a window
Family portrait on a beach
Mother cuddling newborn baby in black and white
Twin sisters chatting together
A newborn baby yawning
Dads cuddling their babies
Couple laughing together by beach huts
Portrait of a toddler girl playing
Young boy holding his mother's hand
Parents with a newborn baby
Mother and son laughing together
Dad pushing sons on a swing
Mother and baby son
Family portraits
Mother playing with daughters on the beach
Family group portraits on the beach
Young girl with eyes closed on the beach
Three sisters with their grandparents
Two sisters jumping in the waves
A dad cuddling his newborn baby
Portrait of a girl on a beach
Portrait of a girl on a beach in Devon
Newborn baby sleeping
Newborn baby in a basket
Two young sisters cuddling and kissing
Two sisters with their new baby sister
Mother kissing girl's hands better
Family group portrait in the forest
Dad laughing with daughter in the forest
Brother and sister running together
Toddler twins playing on a garden step
Newborn baby portrait
Toddler twins having a snack
Newborn baby portrait in black and white
Family walking down a lane together
Black and white portraits of children with their eyes closed
Little girl in bobble hat
Family on the beach together
Mother cuddling with daughter
Black and white portraits of young boy
Cat with newborn baby
Parents with newborn baby girl
Dad holding newborn daughter
Sisters on the beach
Sisters playing in the sea
Family catching fish together
Girl on the beach
Relaxed family portrait on the beach
Brother and sister peeping through tree trunk
Baby smiling at the camera
Parents with baby
Father holding baby
Young boy
Two brothers in black and white
Three sisters on the beach together
Family on the beach together
Dads with their children
Grandparents with grandson on the beach
Grandparents with baby granddaughter
Mothers with daughters
Young boy on a farm
Young boy playing in a barn
Boy playing on the beach
Toddler playing on the beach
Baby sleeping
Parents with newborn baby
Animal hooks in nursery
Baby's feet
Children on the beach
Children at the farm
Grandfather cuddling granddaughter
Family of four on the beach together
Mother laughing with teenage daughter
Family laughing together
Family cuddling newborn together
Parents with newborn baby
Family in the forest together
Family walking on the farm togetherFunny family photo by the sea
Family walking through the forest together
I hope you enjoyed looking through these images!  If you’d like to find out more about booking a family session, then have a look here, send me an email or give me a call on 01392 927646.  
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