Two children lying on the floor reading together

My favourite relaxed family photography images from 2019


It has been so lovely to look back over a year of relaxed family photography. I’ve put some of my favourite images together for this blog post. I’ve loved catching up with families that I have photographed in previous years, as well as lots of new families that I haven’t met before. There have been large family groups on holiday in the South West. It’s always good to have the opportunity to photograph an extended family get together. And individual families wanting to capture a little slice of family life, spending time together like they normally do, and to photograph this. There have also been the brand new parents, taking the first steps into their own family stories, with those hazy, sleep-deprived, newborn days. There have been shoots on beaches, in fields and forests, and more beaches (well, this is Devon!). Plus – my favourite of all – in people’s own homes. Just hanging out together, doing their normal family thing.

It’s a huge privilege to help create natural and relaxed family photographs that families will treasure for generations to come. I never underestimate the power and importance of capturing all of this. Keeping a photography session as relaxed as possible, means that everyone has fun and can be themselves. The photos then reflect this.

As children grow older, as families change, the images of those times spent together grow ever more powerful. It gives me so huge pleasure to photograph these moments, and to create images that will forever take people back to these precious times together. I can’t wait to do this all over again next year. If you’d like to organise a relaxed family photography session for your own family, please do get in touch. 

A relaxed photograph of a family on a bed being photobombed by a border terrierA young girl with a dog on a lawn with a croquet malletA relaxed photograph of a family walking together at Lympstone harbourA father and daughter on a beach looking at a crab shellA family having fun together chasing a kiteA girl in a pink jumpsuit on a staircaseA boy laughing with his father at home during a relaxed family photography sessionFour cousins holding hands and running across grassA family playing on a beach togetherA baby in a high chair eating broccoliFather and daughter walking through some treesNew parents cuddling a tiny babyTwo children playing at home togetherA child dressed in red running in front of the seaSmall girl having a tea party with toysMother cuddling with baby son in a nurseryTwo girls laughing together in an alleyway with a relaxed family photographer capturing the funA child's hand pointing at a baby's toesA family group by an old brick wallA family and their dog on a beachTwo children playing together and laughingA small boy playing in his bedroomSiblings laughing together in a gardenTwo young brothers cuddling togetherA young girl in a yellow dress on a beachFather looking at a sleeping newborn in his arms whilst relaxing at homeA young girl with a blue sippy cupA baby sleeping in a parents' armsA relaxed family group photograph in a street covered by buntinga baby smiling up at his motherA small girl laughing on a swing with her fatherA family of four walking towards the beach holding handsTwo girls standing on a lawnA young boy laughing on a beachTwo sisters laughing at a book togetherMother and baby sitting on a bed togetherA group of siblings jumping togetherA baby sitting against yellow cushionsA young boy smiling at his mother on a bedParents with a young girl laughing togetherA small girl playing at homeA young child on a pebble beach with a dogBaby looking up at his fatherA young girl playing on a beachA tiny baby's handA relaxed family photographer session at home with two children laughing and rolling on the floor togetherParents cuddling a young babyBrother and sister playing together on a sofaA family laughing together in a meadowSister with her baby brother in armsA baby yawning on a blanketYoung children laughing togetherA family group photo outside by treesTwo young brothers sitting on a sofa togetherA group of children running through the streets at AppledoreA mother and baby smiling at each other on a bedTwo children playing on a rug togetherA family playing together at LympstoneTwo small children's hands pointing at a bookA family laughing in a doorwayA family laughing together on the steps of a houseA family leaning on a gate together and laughingA small boy concentrating on a toyA teenage boy jumping amongst bubblesA young girl laughing whilst being lifted into the airTwo young sisters holding hands with a yellow wall behindRelaxed family photographer images of parents holding newborn babies in their own homesTwo girls laughing and running across grass with a white dogParents with two young children at Lympstone harbourTwo young sisters playing together and laughingParents with two daughters laughing togetherTwo sisters making daisy chains togetherTwo young sisters reading a book togetherParents and young daughter by the sea in DevonA small girl standing in a large kitchenA group of children running down a pathwayA baby in her mother's armsA family group photo with five siblingsA group of cousins playing togetherA young boy laughing and playing in a gardenNewborn baby toes in father's handTwo girls running and laughing with a dogA young girl laughing with her parentsPortraits of familiesGroup photo of a family around a porchA family group photoSmall boy looking at bubbles in a gardenA baby looking up at her motherA family of four in front of a yellow wallParents with a newborn baby and a dog and a cat in a bedroomThree women laughing togetherA family walking hand in hand on the beacha family group photo on a lawnA toddler girl drinking from a blue cupParents cuddling and kissing a newborn at home in their kitchenA young family on the beach in sunlightYoung girl kissing her father on the noseMother kissing her babyA family portrait sitting on steps togetherA family reading a book togetherA father smiling at his son on a beachA family group photo in BristolGrandmother cuddling a young girlA family group photo on a beachA family portrait on a bedBrother and sister looking at a book together lying on the floorTwo parents looking at their newborn baby in their armsA father cuddling his young son on the sofaA mother smiling and cuddling her young childA family and their dog walking through a fieldA family of four on the beach throwing stones into the seaA small girl lying with her head in a parent's lap

Relaxed family photographer sessions

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