A family with young children on a beach throwing stones into the sea

Winter family photography on the beach

I know that a lot of people choose to wait until spring or summer to organise a family photoshoot, but actually, you could be missing a real trick here. A winter family photography session can be the most flattering of all! The soft light can be absolutely incredible for photography, and this sort of thing makes such a huge difference to the look of the images.

I had a winter family photography session booked in with the lovely Jones family. I was so delighted when we ended up with the most gorgeous December sunshine for our shoot on the beach at Beer. Just look at that soft golden light, and what a beautiful look it gives all the images.

If you are considering organising a family photography session, then don’t feel that you have to wait for summer! Winter family photography is a really wonderful option. I’m always very flexible – if the weather forecast is wet and miserable then it’s never a problem to rearrange the session. But it’s worth putting a winter date in the diary, because you might just hit gold like this!


Some seaside grasses in winter sunlightParents with two children holding hands and walking to the beach for a winter family photography sessionBeer beach Devon in winter sunshineA father and son walking onto the beachA toddler girl in a yellow dress on a pebble beachA young boy in a grey jumper laughing Winter family photography of a mother smiling and cuddling her son on a beachA father showing a crab shell to his daughter during a winter family photography sessionA young boy laughing and running on a beach in soft winter sunlightA father chasing a laughing boyA young girl in a yellow dress on a beachA mother and daughter cuddling together on a beachA toddler girl with head on adult's lap in winter sunlightWaves crashing against rocks on a beachA winter family photograph on a beachA young boy cuddling his mother on the beach in winterMother's hand on the back of a young child's headA family on a pebble beach togetherWinter family photography on a sunlit wintery beachA winter family photography session on the beach


If you’d like to book in a session for your own family, then let’s have a chat about options – I’d love to hear from you! Fill out my contact form, send me an email, or give me a call on 01392 927646. 

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