Wedding guests laughing in a marquee decorated with colourful lanterns

Weddings: a wonderful explosion of joy

It’s one of the very best things about weddings: the utter explosion of joy that comes with them. And it’s definitely one of the things that I love photographing the most on each wedding day. 

There is something truly wonderful about human emotions, and the way that our faces express how we feel. Every wedding I photograph has such a range of emotions expressed throughout. Capturing this in your photographs is part of what transports you back to the day. I want you to be able to experience those feelings again when you look at your images.

It is particularly amazing to watch the happiness taking place throughout each wedding day. From the quiet, proud joy of parents watching their grown children get married, to the wonderful ‘smiling so hard my face is going to break’ joy of a couple who can’t take their eyes off each other. Throw in the joy created by a brilliantly funny or moving wedding speech, or the delight of your favourite song whilst surrounded by your favourite people on the dance floor. Each wedding contains so much happiness, and it is always the most wonderful thing to photograph this all for you!

Here is a selection of the most joyful images from some of my past weddings. I hope that this puts as much of a smile on your face as it did on mine!


Two brides smiling joyously during wedding ceremonyBride hugging bridesmaid in gardenBride and groom smiling at each other during wedding speechesGroom and parents laughing in a gardenBride and groom twirling joyfully around in a sunsetBride and groom smiling at each other during wedding mealMother of the bride smiling joyfully at bride in dressTwo smiling brides in blue shirts covered in confettiBride and groom walking joyously through windy sunshine with bride's skirt billowing in the windBride laughing in a garden with King Charles SpanielBride and groom smiling joyfully at each otherBride hugging wedding guest with big smileBride to be laughing with mother during wedding preparationsWedding guests clapping and cheering with the sea behindBride to be and mother laughing togetherOverjoyed bride and groom cuddling in a sunsetBride and groom laughing hard during wedding speechesMother and bridesmaid laughing whilst helping bride with dressMother smiling proudly at bride whilst fastening dressBridesmaid hugging bride to beBride and groom smiling joyfully at each otherTwo brides in silver suits walking through shower of petalsBridesmaid and friend smiling togetherBride and groom cuddling with smiles while wedding guests cheer themWedding guests laughing in the evening sunlightGrandfather hugging bride outside churchBride laughing and crying with bridesmaidsLaughing bride and groom leaving church in a landcoverBrides laughing during best woman's speechFamily overwhelmed seeing bride in wedding dressBride laughing with friends playing beer pongBridesmaid smiling at wedding guestBride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other with wedding guests clappingBride overwhelmed by emotion during wedding preparationsBride and groom looking happy with champagne in a gardenBride and groom laughing together during speeches in a marqueeMan in floral suit smiling widely at brideWedding guests smiling and cuddling in a marqueeJoyous bride and groom entering marqueeBride overwhelmed by happiness greeting a crowd of flower girlsBride and sister cuddling during wedding speechesBride and groom walking up a beach together smiling happilyBride and groom smiling at each other leaving outside wedding ceremonyBride and groom laughing together during wedding ceremony in churchBride and bridesmaids laughingGroup of wedding guests laughing together in evening sunshineBride and groom smiling at each other whilst seated in a marqueeWedding guest grinning broadly and waving champagneGroup of bridesmaids and flower girls waving excitedlyGroom hugging mother in a marqueeBride and groom toasting happily in a marqueeGroup of women laughing together in a fieldFlower girls in blue tutus bouncing on a four poster bedBride and groom laughing in church with best manFather hugging bride daughter in wedding dressBridesmaid leaping onto dance floor with bride and groom in sparkly capesBride and groom smiling joyously through confettiGroup of bridesmaids laughing together with champagneGroom hugging motherBride and bridesmaid running hand in hand barefoot down the beachBride and groom smiling happily walking down the aisleSisters hugging whilst getting ready for weddingBride dancing happily with wedding guestsBride and groom smiling at each other leaving outdoor ceremonyFather kissing groom with brothers watchingFather kissing groom outside churchGroup of happy wedding guests on the dance floorWedding guests laughing together in the sunshineBride and groom smiling and toasting each otherBride smiling at bridesmaids whilst getting ready for weddingJoyous wedding guests on the dance floorGroup of men laughing togetherElegant bride and groom smiling through rose petal confettiJoyful wedding guests on the dance floorParents of the groom smiling at each other during wedding ceremonyJoyful wedding guests on a dance floorBride and groom smiling at fatherFather hugging groom outside churchBride and groom laughing and popping champagne on rocks by the seaMother and father smiling at brideWedding guests hugging and smilingBridesmaid hugging bride to beHappy smiling wedding guests in a marqueeTwo women smiling and huggingLaughing people on a dance floorBride laughing with mother and sisterJoyful bride cuddling groom and friend on the dance floorWedding guests hugging in a marqueeMother of the groom smiling at groom on the dance floorBride smiling joyfully while getting ready with bridesmaidWedding guests smiling and dancingGroom and groomsmen laughing and drinking togetherBride and groom cheering and smiling while cutting cakeWedding guests smiling and huggingBridesmaids and wedding guests laughing in a fieldFather of the groom watching the dance floor with joyous expressionWedding guests laughing in a marqueeA man with his shirt open being pulled by a tie on the dance floorTwo men drinking wine and laughing in a field togetherA bride and groom wrapped in a blanket and laughingBride and wedding guests dancing on men's shouldersFlower girls in white dresses on the dance floorFather cuddling bride in wedding dressBride and her father cuddling and smilingFather of the bride raising a joyful toast in a yurtBride cuddling groom on the dance floor with big smilesTwo brides cuddling and smilingGrandmother cuddling bride on the dance floorBride and groom surrounded by wedding guests throwing confettiMother of the groom throwing her arms in the air on the dancefloorBridesmaid crying and cuddling a brideBride and her father dancing togetherBride and groom laughing in the rain together at nightBride and groom smiling and cuddling with festoon lights behind

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these images! It has made me so happy putting this blog post together and I still keep pinching myself that I’m lucky enough to spend my time capturing this sort of emotion in images. If you would like any more information about my wedding photography and what I offer, then please do get in touch for a chat – I’d love to hear from you!

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