A bride and groom smiling at each other, walking along a street in Symondsbury

Tithe Barn Symondsbury wedding: Peter & Anne’s joyful family celebration

I’ve photographed weddings at the Tithe Barn, Symondsbury before, and it’s a venue that I really love. Symondsbury is a gorgeous estate, with lots of different and equally beautiful properties around the village. The barn is such a fabulous wedding venue, with pretty gardens and light streaming through the ceiling windows. Just the perfect setting all round!

Peter and Anne’s wedding was a suitably beautiful occasion to photograph at the Tithe Barn. Such a lovely couple, and surrounded by really wonderful family and friends. It was utterly wonderful to see them celebrate with so much joy. Particularly so, as both of them have experienced the painful loss of their respective first spouses. It was very clear how utterly overjoyed everyone was at Peter and Anne having found one another, at them finding happiness again. This joy shared so very obviously by their adult children, and all the friends and family around them, but most importantly, by Peter and Anne themselves.

The speeches in the Tithe Barn need a special mention. I’m always a real sucker for wedding speeches anyway – I love hearing people talk with such love and emotion about each couple, love to see the reactions around this. Peter and Anne’s wedding speeches were particularly moving. Not only were they utterly lovely, incredibly funny, and a real reflection of everyone’s delighted feelings for them. But there was also significant mention of their first spouses, Jane and Iain. It was so special to see how much their presence and influence was felt by everyone there, and to be a part of this bigger story, of moving through different stages of grief, and ultimately finding happiness again. Later on, when the (utterly brilliant) Deloreans played ‘Happy’ on the dance floor, it was an almost indescribable explosion of joy from everyone. It really summed up the day.

I’m struggling to find the right words to sum up this beautiful day, so I’m going to stop writing and share the images. I’m sure they tell a much better picture than my words do anyway. I wish Peter and Anne all the very best for the wonderful future that I’m sure they have together.

Crepe Farmhouse Cottage, Symondsbury
External image of the Tithe Barn, Symondsbury, ready for a wedding, with purple flowers in the foreground and blue skies above
Guests arriving for a wedding at the church in Symondsbury, Dorset

I absolutely loved photographing this Symondsbury wedding. If you are having your own wedding celebrations at the Tithe Barn and would like to chat about photography, then please do get in touch!

Huge thanks to the fabulous team of wedding suppliers behind Peter & Anne’s beautiful day:

Venue: The Tithe Barn, Symondsbury

Amazing flowers by Rachel at the Roseshed

Catering from Dorset Fine Dining

Dancefloor of dreams with The Deloreans Band

Anne’s beautiful bespoke dress by Carina B Couture, Bradford on Avon

Peter’s suit – from his cupboard 🙂

Make up by Lizzie at FLC Hair & Make up

Hair by Tori at Riot Hairdressing

Cake by Lisa Notley Cake Design

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