Bride and groom beneath apple blossom

Somerset tipi wedding: cider, apple blossom and celebrations

Earlier this year, Phaedra and George got married in Somerset, with a wonderful tipi reception in the apple orchards at Perry’s Cider, near Illminster.  It was the most extraordinarily pretty wedding to photograph, with the tipis filled with beautiful decorations, lanterns and fairy lights, and the orchard location lifting everything to a sublime level of loveliness. 
When I first met with Phaedra and George back in summer 2012, they hadn’t yet finalised their wedding date but actually did so to fit with my availability, which was such a huge compliment. Perry’s Cider is George’s family business and it was great to wander though the orchard with them and have a look around the cider museum there.  I loved the sound of their wedding plans, with the tipis, the lovely church at Hinton St George, the orchard setting.  I especially loved the moment when George pressed three bottles of delicious cider into my hands as I left and said that they would be in touch soon!  
Their actual wedding day was even more beautiful than I was imagining, as the apple blossom was unusually late and the entire orchard was unexpectedly in full bloom.  Phaedra and George had done an incredible job of decorating the tipis, with a bar that George created, carefully covered hay bales for seating, low tables made from barrels and a fantastic fire pit for warmth.  The lanterns and fairy lights throughout made the tipis look absolutely magical, especially as the light dropped outside.  
The weather was gorgeous and I absolutely loved capturing some early evening portraits of Phaedra and George amongst the apple blossom, with the sun setting over the orchard.  The speeches were some of the funniest and most riotous that I have enjoyed listening to this year – this could be directly related to the wonderful cider that flowed freely throughout the day. However, one of my favourite moments from this wedding had to be Phaedra’s entrance to the ceremony.  Having got ready at the lovely Lord Poulet Inn at Hinton St George, bridal preparations were running a little late.  I love the photo of the vicar holding her head as the girls finally made it to the church about half an hour after the ceremony was due to start. But what I loved most was the fact that Phaedra’s bridal entrance music was an acoustic version of Mumford and Sons ‘I Will Wait’ (beautifully performed by The Beehives).  The wedding guests all burst out laughing – and to be honest, I don’t think they stopped for the rest of the day.  It was the most joyous, relaxed and happy wedding day from start to finish, and an utter pleasure to photograph.  Thank you Phaedra and George for inviting me to join your day!

Phaedra and George’s wedding has been featured on the rather lovely Boho Weddings blog here, where you can read more about their planning, decoration and suppliers.
Lovely suppliers at this wedding:
Florist: Rachel Hill, Rodfords
Music: The Beehives (daytime) and Four on the Floor (evening)
Bridal hair & make up: Cara, Bridal Beauty Makeovers
Bridesmaids’ hair & make up: Studio CCK
Bridal headpiece and sash: Rose Goddard
Phaedra’s dress designed by Justin Alexander and fitted by Anne Harding
Catering & linen: Caroline Gent
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